04/05/2004: Waterfall Eagle

   April 5, 2004 WATERFALL EAGLE VISION I was standing in an area close to my home.  One of my Sisters was there with me as well as my Dad and a couple of other people. This area is about 5 minutes from my home and is located in an area with few homes and lots of beautiful scenery. In my dream, the  […]

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09/23/2003: Attacks To Come

I looked back and saw people, HUNDREDS of people running!!!! They were running fast to get out of the airport. Then...people began screaming! We stood, watched and wondered, "WHAT is going on!!!!"

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09/05/2003: A New Society

09/05/2003 A NEW SOCIETY I dreamed that my oldest Sister and I were were were living in a society that was extremely controlled. We were not supposed to be out of our "zone" but there were supplies that we needed to get so we left, without any authorization or permission. We went to an  […]

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