02/07/2001: Last Day Warriors

God's chosen to serve in the last battle


Over the course of the past four months, God has visited me during my sleep. He has given me prophetic dreams and He has given me personal visitations. LAST DAY WARRIORS: THE CHOSEN FOR THE LAST BATTLE is my account of a visitation that He gave to me in February of 2001.

I suddenly found myself walking with others. We were walking in a line on, what reminded me as being a "scaffold".  I was very well aware and alert of my surroundings. I had all the senses and awareness then as I do now in writing this.   I was there.  It was real. I. Was. There. 

I wasn't sure where "there" was exactly, but my surroundings indicated that we were walking through the inner depths of a cave. The walls were made of rock.  It wasn't a smooth rock, it was the same environment you would expect to see in any cave!   The ceiling was very very high and the walls were made of solid rock formations.  It wasn’t a dark place where you had to struggle to see.   It was light enough that I could see my surroundings and didn't have to squint or be cautious of where I was walking. I’m not sure where the light came from but having enough light to see was not an issue.   As I looked behind me I could see hundreds and hundreds of people in line behind me.  As I looked back, I could see a huge opening in the cavern rock where people were still coming through and continuing to follow us.  

I do remember, quite clearly, the face of a young woman who was standing behind me. When I first turned to look at the line of people behind me, my eyes fell upon the face of the girl standing behind me. We both looked at one another and were thinking the exact same thing, "WHAT are we doing here???" This young woman had brown shoulder length hair, was about 4 feet tall and had the biggest, roundest brownest eyes I had ever seen.

As I turned back around I saw that Jesus Christ was at the front of the line leading us to where we were going. From where I was I could see that I was approximately third-in-line. Meaning, as we walked, Christ was leading the way and behind Him was someone and I was next with the line of people continuing behind me.  Jesus was not walking with a "casual or relaxed" stride, but with the stride and stature of an absolute total warrior. His strides were "powerful", "confident" and "aggressive". And again, I thought to myself, "How did I get here?  Is this real?  Is that really Jesus or is it something trying to appear as Jesus?"   My thoughts were rapid and back to back. As soon as these thoughts came to mind, Jesus immediately stopped, turned around,  and in answer to my "thoughts,"  pointed his finger at me and said,  "You should ALWAYS question the spirits."  His response let me know that my thoughts were not offensive by any means but in line with how I should be thinking and questioning things and that He was indeed Jesus Christ the son of God.

When Jesus turned to speak to me, I saw that in His right hand a scroll. It was tan in color and it looked quite ancient. And like you would imagine a scroll to be, it was rolled up from top to bottom, and not side to side!  Because there was only one person between me and Jesus, we were naturally close to one another.   Jesus looked at me, pulled the scroll open and said to me, "These are the warriors that I have chosen to serve in the last 26 hours of the battle." As I looked at the scroll, I could not see names with my physical eyes, but my 'spirit man' could see them. My spiritual eyes began looking at the list. As my spiritual eyes read the list I was aware of a name that was missing!    Jesus looked at me and with such great love in His voice said to me, "Ask anything you want."  I did have a question!  I looked at Jesus, and simply asked, "What about Marge?"  He replied so lovingly, "Margie will be okay."   I didn't understand.   We were in a battle, and Jesus Christ was leading the way for us all!  It was alarming to not see her name on the list!!!  I mean, it was Feb. 2001!  She was alive, healthy and well!   ...But her name was not on the list.

I was able to see that my name was on the list, my Mothers friend "Thelma's" name was on the list, my sister's name is on the list along with many many others. I guess what astounded me the most was - the "warriors" that God has chosen to serve in the last 26 hours of the battle were -

  • Homemakers
  • Wives
  • Mothers
  • Grandmothers

Don't misunderstand. The warrior list was NOT made up entirely of females by any means. The people on the list were not people who held great political positions, titles or offices. They were not wealthy; they were not icons nor were they celebrities.  We were a simple people that The World considered to be the least.

This does NOT surprise me now. God clearly states in the Bible that those who are considered to be "the least" on earth shall be considered "great" in heaven.
We were in a huge battle!  The enemy was trying to attack us and we were the warriors chosen to fight in that battle!   Jesus was full of authority, power, and might!  And I remember that He had SUCH anger and determination to bring the enemy down.  I don't recall feeling an ounce of fear about the battle or what we were getting ready to go into.   Jesus was with us and that was all that mattered.  

NOTE:   I have often wondered about Jesus saying precisely, "....the last 26 hours of the battle."   This was an exact measured time in hours.   2 Peter 3:8—‘one day is like a thousand years’.  This scripture tells us that Heaven and Earth have two different clocks, for a lack of better words. 


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