07/13/2001: Family Member 1

At one point, the lady who took us to my brother-in-law's house said to us, "He died."   


To maintain the privacy of my family members, I am going to omit names for obvious reasons.

I had an awful dream that my brother-in-law had died.  

Me, my Sister and her daughter were being led by an older lady into his house. He wasn't there.   I distinctly remember that the halls to his home were so very dark, dingy and long.    There were many many halls in his home. Oddly enough we found ourselves in a hall that appeared to be continuous.  It was a straight hall that ended, then it would turn right, end and turn left, end and/or turn right or left.  The rooms were full of earthly possessions.  One room had dry goods in it.   There were a vast amount of packages of diapers!   I noticed that all the rooms in his home were so messy and disorganized.  There was clutter not only sitting on things in the rooms but all over the floors as well!

We entered one room that was again, so messy and cluttered!   As I looked down on the floor I could see neglected embryos in various stages of life. They were laying all over the floor!!!!  They were everywhere!  All of these embryos were talking and crying!   The sizes of the embryos ranged from 1 to 7 inches and longer.  My first instinct was to pick them up and put them in a blanket but I was too utterly shocked by what I was seeing!

In another room off one of the halls, I saw my nephew.   His room was messy too.   As I looked in his room I saw him with another boy listening to "hard music."   His stepbrother and Uncle were in the room with him...

At one point, the lady who took us to my brother-in-law's house said to us, "He died."   

On our way out of the house, I stopped to look at a plaque on the wall.  The dimensions were about 6x6 inches. A metal tag was on the plaque underneath the picture.  I had to lean closer to look at what was written on it and I had to squint my eyes because a sunbeam was next to it.    The picture on the plaque was a picture of my brother-in-law.   In the picture, he had really aged. His hair was gray and in the picture he appeared to be about 50 years old.  As I looked at the picture of him I heard a voice say, "This is the picture they will use for his obituary."   And then, we left.

When I woke up from this dream and realized his death did not happen..... yet   I was SO relieved!  I was ecstatic because he is NOT ready to die yet.  His heart is not right with Jesus so his soul is not destined for heaven, but for hell.   

It's 19 years later and he is still alive.  We must keep praying.


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