02/21/2005: The Deceiver

The anti-christ has emerged and he is deceiving people in ways that I never even imagined!



I had a dream last night about the anti-christ.

He had emerged and placed his foothold in the government and utter control was in motion and prevalent!

I looked out of the front door of my home and I could see in the street an endless line of people! They were lined up because the beast told everyone to come!  He had something for them!  The mark.   The people in line were sooooo "asleep"  and appeared to be zombie-like.   They were so asleep (spiritually) that they obeyed what the beast told them to do with no second thought! These people had placed their entire trust and lives into the beast's hands!   They would not even think or make decisions on their own!   They took what the beast told them as truth and fact not knowing they were actually being deceived!!!   The beast was badly abusing their children but yet, their parents STILL obeyed him!!!!

Children of God were standing around watching.  We knew what was going on and why there were in line.  Several of us got together and spoke.  We knew that we had to leave and abandon our homes.  We decided to leave that night with our families and what possessions we could carry. 


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