07/08/2005: Christian Allegiance


Submitted by Amy


I had a dream last night that we were in the last days and it was declared "illegal" to have a Christian Website.  Of course, Kris continued with her work on the "Last Day Warriors" (lastdaywarriors.com)  website, reaching out to many people in need of guidance.

We were all at work one day, some men came in, put a black hood over Kris' face and head and took her from us!

They drove off in a black van with no windows.  they sped off and we were all chasing after the van.

It was awful.  I woke up in tears and came into work and gave Krissy a BIG HUG!

-   Amy Sue

Note from Kris:     After Amy came into work and told me about this dream, I just sat back in my chair smiling.   As I sat there, my eyes fell upon something I have had taped to my monitor for a very very very long time.  It simply says:

"It is better to die for a cause you believe in than to live without believing in anything enough to die for it."

Yep. I would say that pretty much sums it up.

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