06/01/2009: Fisher of Men

Fisher of Men is a prophecy that God gave to me one night as I slept. God knows that sometimes I’m a bit slow and I don’t understand a lot of things unless I’m given visual directions.

I found myself on a fishermen’s wharf which I found to be really odd because first all….I don’t fish! Second of all, I can’t swim!

As I stood and looked around, I saw men just wondering around. There were so many men! It was as though they were just walking aimlessly without any direction or thought of where they were going. All of the men looked tired, haggard and so worn down. They all looked like they had lived such hard lives. The condition they were in was utterly sad.

A man came out among them and stopped. He was holding a picture. This man took his finger, pointed at me and then pointed at the picture. He did this a couple of times. I was at a distance to where I couldn’t quite see it clearly, so I walked closer to see what the picture was. There were no words exchanged at this time…just motions of him pointing at me and then pointing at the picture. I drew closer and saw that the picture was an angel. (I am NOT an angel..and I am not trying to interpret that I am.)

As I stood there looking at him and then at this picture, ALL of the men that were on the wharf began gathering around. There must have been 30-50 men assembling around us to watch. The man then spoke to me very audibly and said, “Ye shall lay hands on the sick and they WILL be healed in the name of JESUS!” Then he took his arm and brought it out in a waving motion over all the men.

We have several sites that minister to people. Approximately 98% of the people that email us to request prayer or who just need someone to guide them spiritually… are MEN! It’s absolutely astounding! Men write and say, “I was looking for car parts on the internet and found your site….”. We have developed wonderful friendships with many of those who write.

Jesus Christ is the answer to any problem that we may ever face. FACT! This prophecy I had? Yes…I do understand it now. God knows that I KNOW that angels are messengers. I am NOT an angel….I am however a messenger. God has many messengers. Anyone who delivers Gods word…is a messenger. Ministers, Moms, Housewives…even your neighbor. God just revealed to me, His plan for my life. He revealed it in a way that knew “I would understand!”

More prophecies will be added.

God Bless you and thank you for visiting our blog!

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