02/26/2019: The Fishing Boat



I had a dream that I was standing in a fishing boat on a lake.  I could see myself standing in this boat so I could see me and the boat.  

As strange as it may sound, the boat was a part of me!   Like my leg and arm is a part of me, this boat I knew beyond a shadow of doubt was a part of me.

The boat I was standing in was beat up!   It was terribly weathered from time and the storms that it had been through.  The wood was dark from the slime it had gone through and the residue from the sea.   But in spite of how ugly it was faithful in serving its purpose.   As I stood there I spoke and when I spoke, I woke myself up saying these words: " Sometimes I forget I'm a boat!"

I smile as I sit here as I type this dream. Why? Because I know exactly what this dream means.   Jesus spoke in parables throughout the Bible. He knows that some of us are "visual people."   We're not good at reading those directions, we'd rather get the picture because we understand things better with pictures.  I'm one of those people.  I need pictures.    So what did this mean?   It simply means that as we age, (which is what I was fretting about the prior night) it's okay!   Our body is just a "boat".  It carries our spirit and our soul on life's journey while we're here on earth and once our journey is complete, our old beat up boats will no longer be of use to us.     

Life isn't easy.  And I guess if our boats aren't beat up did they really serve their purpose?   

Just a random thought there.



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