01/30/2005: Trapped In The Zone



I had a dream last night that we were under a one-world government in an extremely controlled environment.  My, one of my Sisters, a friend, and her daughter were in a certain area defined as one of the "zones."  We all were walking to my friend's house.  Unfortunately, we were behind in our travel and did not make it out of that specific area in time. Anyone who was ever caught in a "zone" after a specific time was not permitted to leave.   You had no choice.  You could NOT leave under any circumstance.   

I don't recall being arrested or approached by anyone but I do recall that we were taken (walked) to an area approximately 1/4 of away from where we originally were.  We were not taken to a building but to a street.   We all were familiar with the area that we were in.  This main street that we were taken to ran from one city to another.  (Dayton to Fairborn) This street was lined with "boxes" that were stacked in rows as far as the eye could see!  The length of the boxes was approximately 6 feet long, 2 feet high and 8 feet wide.   They were a very dark brown, almost black. One box held 4 people side by side if they laid on their back or sides.  On the front of the box was a door about 2 feet high and it had a knob on the outside of the door that would allow that door to be lifted up.    These "boxes" were stacked four high and again, were in rows lengthwise as far as you could see.   And most of them had people in them that were caught in the zone during restricted hours.   Because we had somehow lost track of time we were forced to stay in this zone in these boxes.

As I laid there I heard in the spirit realm a voice say, "Modern Day Hitler". 

I was inside this box along with everyone else I was traveling with, and I was laying next to the door.  It was in the summer and it was hot and stifling!  I couldn't breathe.  I needed air and I needed air NOW!   

I said, "Amy, I can't breathe!   I need air!  I have to open the door."   She was very alarmed that I even suggested this and reminded me, "Don't they will shoot you!  You know they will kill you!"  I simply responded, "I don't care.  I can't breathe!"     I very slowly lifted the door about 4" just to get some fresh air.   As I did, I could see an armed guard from the knees down, standing within eye view of our box.  He had on green pants, army boots and I could see the bottom half of his rifle.  I slowly closed the door.  As he stood near it was obvious he was not sure as to which door had been opened.  

The next morning we left and continued on to the home close by that was considered to be in a safe zone.


The attachment below is an article that appeared in our local paper on 02/24/2005


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