04/19/2009: 200 Weeks

Sunday, April 19, 2009 9:59:46 AM


I woke up this morning from a dream so vivid.

I was in a room that was so small in much need of repairs.  The walls were gray board with chipping paint.  Time seemed to move quickly and seemed to move right before my eyes like a sunbeam moving across the land.

My Dad was there.  On the wall, there was a decorative molding that had simply deteriorated with time.  At the top of the molding was some kind of ornamental piece.  It had faded beyond recognition due to time.   Dad began painting and repairing it.   My Dad has always been involved and highly skilled in repairs from everything from small to large jobs, on a business and personal level.  He is just very gifted that way so doing this was so natural for him.   

As he was doing the delicate repairs, even before he completed the job, the apartment we were in had mysteriously expanded into several rooms and the condition of the rooms was improved into even a better state than the original room.   It was as though Dad repaired a wall, the other rooms in the apartment were being transformed into something so very lovely and was rid of its former depressing state.

Throughout the repair process, people came and went.   They would stop by to visit briefly and then go.  I did not know any of these people but we spoke casually as though we did know one another.   At one point a very heavyset black woman came into the apartment.  We had full knowledge that we were moving out and she was going to be the new tenant.

The wall Dad was working on was finally completed and so very beautiful.  He accented the ornamental piece in the gold.   Dad then asked me if I had written up a notice to let the landlord know we were leaving.  He stated, "You know you have to give them a 200-week notice."   I replied, "200 weeks???  Don't you mean TWO weeks?"   He insisted that it was indeed 200 weeks.   "Dad, do you realize how much of a notice 200 weeks would be?"   He just continued working.

There was a couch on the side wall in the room I was in.  I was facing it.   I fell onto the couch on my knees under the weight of the Holy Spirit and I suddenly started speaking, "These things must come to pass and the anti-christ shall appear."  The power of the Holy Spirit was on me so strong that I could feel a measured weight upon me.   Chills that I have never felt before went all throughout me, and unlike anything, I have ever felt before.

...And then, the dream ended.



This dream occurred on 04/19/2009.  What would the date be 200 weeks from THAT date?  It would be 02/17/2013.

Curiosity got the best of me so I googled what events occurred on 02/17/2013.   And they were:

Per Wikipedia, there were no historical events that occurred in the United States but only in other foreign countries. ...odd


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