07/05/2012: Left Behind

He disappeared right before my eyes!!!!!!


Left Behind

Woke up from having a nightmare of a dream.  It was one of those that seemed so real.   A dream that did not seem like a dream but like "you're really there" kind of dream.  

I had a dream that I was standing in my kitchen talking with my husband who was standing in the living room.  We were face-to-face and approximately 3 feet apart.  Quite close.  As we talked he had his head down looking at what he was working on.  Right in the middle of our conversation, he just  ...faded  ...away.    RIGHT BEFORE MY VERY EYES!   He just ...disappeared!!!!   My immediate thoughts were, "What just happened???   Where did he go????"     My mind was trying to grasp what I had just seen!    My next immediate thought was, "Oh my goodness!!!   Has the rapture occurred???? The Rapture has taken place!!! "  

I knew that if my Mom was gone that would be a total confirmation that the rapture had indeed taken place.

So, I went to my parent's house.   I KNEW (and I don't know why I knew this), but I knew at that exact moment they SHOULD be in bed!   I don't remember the 5-minute ride to their home, all I know is, one moment I was in my living room and the next moment, I was walking through their front door.  

I could see myself entering her front door and running down their hallway.  I ran to her room and opened the door.   Their bed was empty.   I stood at the bedroom doorway looking at the pulled back sheets on her bed and I could see the indentation of where she had been lying.  The sheets were curled and curved to where her body had been.   Dad was gone too.

I had been left behind.

I don't know how I knew this next thing but I just "knew".    Mom had left me a letter.  I don't know the contents of the letter, I don't recall seeing it but I do recall she had left me one.

When I woke up, the reality in knowing that I was coming out of a "dream/nightmare", and a bad dream at that, was sooooooooooo overwhelming.  I felt like God was giving me a second chance.

I had this dream on 07/05/2012.
..........3......................... on 07/03/2015, almost  3 years to the day, my Mom went into the hospital unexpectedly. 

On 07/17/2015 she did leave me behind.


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