The Little Turtle

Turtles and praying Mommas! 


When my brother was in elementary school he had this medium octangular glass bowl.  Inside this glass bowl were some rocks and 2 little green turtles about the size of a half dollar.    Well, one day when he was at school one of the turtles died!  I don't know why or what happened, it just died.  My Mom knew that my brother was NOT going to be a happy camper when he got home and that it would upset him.  So, my Mom did the only thing she knew to do - she prayed!   She prayed that God would put life back into that little turtle so that it would live again!  That's the kind of faith she had.  She believed the word of God with no gray area and she lived what she believed.    

Holding that little half dollar sized turtle in her hand she began praying over it.   She poured her prayers and faith into that little green turtle.   And what happened next is nothing short of a miracle.  It WAS a miracle.  That little green turtle came back to life.   

I'll never forget that story.  My Mom had a million miracle stories and I'll post as many as I can remember.


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