I can't recall exactly when this vision occurred. It is far and few between when I don't write down a dream or vision. This one I can only guess is not written down because I knew I would never ever forget it. Ever.  To give an approximate time when I had the vision,  I would have to say perhaps 12-15 years ago.

I went to our local Kroger store one day to pick up some things. I don't recall what day it was, if it was a holiday, etc. I do recall that it was moderately busy for that day with quite a few people shopping.   After I got my items I proceeded to the checkout.   When it was my turn, I stepped up, loaded my groceries and patiently stood there waiting and watching as the cashier scanned the items I was purchasing.  Within a split second, it was like God turned the volume down and made the scanning machine the focus.   I literally could not hear anything or anyone around me at all!  There was total silence!   As I looked at the people around me, my eyes fell on the scanning machine.  It was then that I heard a still small voice say, "This is a part of the mark of the beast.  THIS!"  I knew what "THIS was"  And then gradually, the sounds of my surroundings were once again normal.  

I believe back then, when the barcodes came out and scanning became a new way to do things, I believe Christians suspected that it may be a part of it.   Today, it's a fact.   We know it IS indeed tied to the mark of the beast, without a doubt.   


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