04/05/2004: Waterfall Eagle


 April 5, 2004


I was standing in an area close to my home.  One of my Sisters was there with me as well as my Dad and a couple of other people. This area is about 5 minutes from my home and is located in an area with few homes and lots of beautiful scenery. In my dream, the scenery was not so beautiful though.   The location was familiar but the landscape has changed so.  But still,  I knew where I was.  The land surrounding us was red and brown.   We were all standing at the very top of a big hill.   The hill sloped drastically and then back up again and then it leveled off, almost like a roller coaster.  We all were standing on top.  The land was so utterly barren and dry.  Desert-like.   It was so barren and dry that the dirt had cracks in it from the lack of water.  The land had gone without water for so long that you could literally see the deep crevices and tunnels of what used to be a major stream.   It could have even been a waterfall at one time.   But now, it was dry and virtually barren and riddled with deep cracks and crevices.

To the left of us was a tall building.   (What a place for a building!) It actually looked like our office building.   (What was it doing there???  2 miles off course!!!!)  I looked up and saw the edge wing of a feathered "something."  What was that?    We all looked up!   No one was panicking or up0set by what they saw.  We were all just totally in awe by what we were seeing. Unafraid, I stepped back far enough to identify what it was.   Above our building was theeee huuugest eagle I had EVER see in my life!!!!   When its wings were spanned it made our office building look so minute.  It was not flying around in a circle or in other areas in the sky but remained faithfully over our office building.  The wings were outstretched, gently flapping but yet remaining directly above our office building.   The next thing I saw was a huge burst of water that flew past the eagle and it hit directly on top of where the waterfall once flowed so generously.   It hit with such power that I can still see the force of the water spraying outward.  The moment it hit, I could see the bluest of blue waters that began to flow.  Where dry land used to be, the grass began to grow and turn green!    The force of the water was great and the amount of water that flowed was absolutely enormous!   Like.... a flood!  But this flood was a beautiful and welcoming flood!   The water hit the top of the hill and shot down down the dry gully like a racing river on a mission!

And once again.  The land was as it should be.   Green and watered and healthy.


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