01/16/2005: She Knows The Exact Date



I heard a voice from heaven say, "She knows the exact month, day and hour that she will die."

The sky was filled with colors that almost seemed like crystals!  Like... colored rock candy!   It was the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life!   Pinks!  Blues!   Yellows!  They were all glistening as though they were shiny diamonds.  My Sister reached up into the heavenlies to touch these beautiful crystal skies.   And she did!   She looked back at us and said, "It's okay." 

I knew that war was going on around us and that the world was in such a distraught and turmoiled condition.  The earth and people's behavior and attitudes were so trashed!  

As we walked along I realized that we were going to my Mothers funeral, and she had not even passed away!   She called us together for a "Celebration of Life!".   During this event, she would go on to be with the Lord. When we got there my Dad was standing and greeting people who had attended.    I remember that as we left, there was one of my siblings on each side of him holding his arm.  I can still see the total look of absolute and utter grief and sadness on his face.


Nine and a half years later my Mom had her "Celebration of Life"


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